Air Mattress for a Good Sleep

Air mattresses offers a lot of benefits in many situations. These mattresses are so much better than the sleeping bags and cots that used to be the only choice of the average campers back in the not so distant past. Even those thin vinyl blow up mattresses that gained fame in the yesteryear have now seen great improvements.

They now offer a convenient and comfortable option for all homeowners who do not have a guest room. Ranging from small to king sizes and with a level of comfort nearly as good as most of the conventional mattresses, the air or inflatable mattresses go up really easy and can come down with equal simplicity.

Searching for the best inflatable mattress will all depend on your specific needs. As a buyer, you should determine if you are planning to use this often. A less expensive and a smaller mattress can work well for occasional visitors or camping trips. But, a sturdier and larger choice might be perfect for the long term stays. Whatever type of mattress you need, there are now a lot of places that can offer you an extensive array of choices. You also have the chance to peruse both the new and used versions of most famous mattress types and you will be surprised to know that you can actually easily find something that can fit all types of budget.

The Size of the Mattress

The air mattresses come in several sizes just like a traditional stuffed mattresses. It is important that you use your personal preference and know the number of people that are expected to sleep on the mattress for you to find the most ideal size. Remember that not all mattresses can fit in every space, so the size of the room or the tent must also be considered. Specifically, taller individuals might only find comfort when sleeping in long twin, California King or king size beds.

Even though such sizes are not really as common as the rest, these are 80 inches long or more, a full 5 size longer than the standard. There are some people who are more comfortable when they sleep with their feet hanging off the bed's edge so if you are after a long term use, this can be worth the additional investment.

The height of the air mattresses may also vary. There are some that are extra high and can even inflate to the height of standard beds to offer ease of use and comfort. The other mattresses are only about the similar height as standard mattresses without the box frame. The manufacturers usually state the inflated height in the product's manual.

The Materials

In general, an inflatable or air mattress is made of PVC plastic. However, there are several newer models that have been designed with the textile reinforced rubber or urethane. The material has to be strong enough in order to resist any pressure or puncture from high amounts of weight for an extended period of time. But it also needs to be thin enough so that you can deflate and roll this into convenient package. Even though majority of the mattresses are temporary, you can also find the models that have been specially made for regular use every night.

The ones that are meant for routine use have more chances of being made of a bit heavier materials and they also have more tendency of being more expensive. Many of the inflatable mattresses come with the pump that can be utilized either manually or with the use of electricity in order to quickly inflate or deflate the air mattress at just a moment's notice. Several of the permanent mattresses that are usually called air beds might be almost indistinguishable from the standard mattress.

Most of the time, the actual inflatable chambers are only hidden under layers of latex or foam. The air beds are almost the evolution of the previously famous concept of waterbeds. These are well regarded for being great for back pain and are also usually put in use in hospitals.

Air Mattresses for Chronic Back Pain

In case of some people, the use of air mattresses regularly helped in decreasing their chronic back pain that is almost the same with the experience felt when you sleep on waterbeds. The kind of mattress that can work best for such issues are not really the standard mattresses that one can roll up and take camping, but instead it is a padded and premium version that the user can inflate or deflate to a specific degree with the mere push of the button.

Most of the hospitals are using these beds that make use of air for increased or reducing the pressure on specific parts of the patient's body. You can find both dual and single chamber air beds perfect for a back pack. Dual chamber models offer the split mattress in which every side is being controlled separately. It is perfect for couples because each person can always adjust their own side that can fit to their personal comfort level and allow for the highest level of comfort.

Safety Issues With Air Mattresses

Just like the soft mattresses, air mattresses are regarded as hazardous for babies. It is because there is a higher risk of getting suffocated with such mattresses. The small babies who are not yet able to roll over might end up lying on the bed face down without being able to breathe. One more safety issue associated with these mattresses is the materials that are used for making them. Typically, the older models are made from VOC emitting plastics.

The VOCs or the volatile organic compounds are associated to a number of long and short term adverse health problems. The people who have asthma as well as other similar preexisting problems might be at higher risk for the development of long term health problems from sleeping on one of these mattresses. Good thing that many of the newest mattresses have been created without any trace of VOC materials. In general, this information can be easily found on the box. For people who are too sensitive or for a long term sleep, it is best to go for a model that has hypoallergenic covering for the prevention of any allergy flare up.

How to Care for Your Air Mattress

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to properly maintaining your inflatable mattress. The mattress needs to be covered with some sheets like the rest of mattresses if being used. The sheets that have deep pockets are usually recommended as these can prevent the risks of fitted sheets slipping off in the night. The inflatable mattresses that feature the suede like covering can also work well because the top coating can offer friction needed for keeping the blanket on the surface of the air mattress.

In addition, in the event that the fitted sheet suddenly pops off in the night, the mattresses that have soft coatings will be more comfortable to sleep on even when bare. These can also feel more like the standard mattress if covered by the sheet.

Many of the mattresses can be spot cleaned with the use of a soapy rag. Just allow the mattress to dry completely before you redress it with the bed sheets. If not in use, it might be good to let the bed deflate and store it away for safekeeping although it is not really recommended for you to constantly take your air mattress up and down, as this can stress the plastic.

If your mattress is suddenly punctured, you can repair it with the repair kit that typically comes with the sealant that is similar to what you use for repairing a pool. But it might be more difficult when the punctures are large, but the good thing is that the extra thick fabric used in most of the inflatable mattresses today makes the risk of severe punctures low.

Final Words The air mattress can definitely offer style, convenience, and comfort to both guest rooms and travelers. This is way more comfortable than the floor or the couch, not to mention that these are made from long lasting and durable material that can keep up even with the roughest of treatments. Whatever your reason might be for getting your own inflatable mattress, you can be sure that it is one of the best things that you can have around in your home.